E-learning explained

E-Learning consists of teaching that can be based in or out of the classroom, the use of computers and the Internet. E-learning is defined as providing Training and development to the Students/Employees through various Electronic media such as the Internet, audio, video etc. Web-based learning is meant by e-learning which is called electronic learning orĀ Virtual learning. Today people first search for their queries on the internet rather than looking for books or asking someone. Hence, this has led to theĀ Importance of E-Learning in Education. There are interactive classes and courses on different topics or programs or degrees that are delivered completely on the net. Emails, live lectures, and video conferencing are some of the mediums that enable the participants to give their views on a particular topic and then discuss them further. Through video conferencing or live chat, there is a great possibility of discussing different subjects. Static pages like course materials printed for the participants’ benefit are also made available.

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